The implementation of the greening program under the Ecolanta project starts in Vyksa

In Vyksa, the implementation of a compensatory landscaping program within the framework of the project of the Ecolant company begins. This year, more than 2,000 trees and shrubs will be planted in Mothmos on the border of the sanitary protection zone of future production. The symbolic launch of the greening program took place on June 4, on the eve of World Environment Day, Ecologist's Day.
Employees of the Ecolant company, the Vyksa OMK plant, and representatives of the Vyksa administration planted 200 linden trees in the sanitary protection zone of the future complex near the village of Motmos. Linden is distinguished by its unpretentiousness. The site was prepared in advance to ensure compliance with the technology of proper planting and the full development of plants. Green spaces play a huge role in air purification. By blocking air flows, plants absorb pollutants contained in it - fine aerosols and solid particles, as well as gaseous compounds absorbed by plants.
“It is symbolic that we start the green metallurgy project with tree planting. Before the construction of the complex, we will also install a noise barrier 10 meters high and about two kilometers long. Our main task is to make sure that the residents of the village experience as little inconvenience as possible associated with the construction and operation of the complex. By October, along the screen and near the border of the sanitary protection zone, we will plant two coniferous forest protection belts, ”said Andrey Kukhno, director of Ecolant.


The sanitary protection zone is a territory with a special regime that ensures compliance with all hygiene standards and protects the population from the impact of industrial facilities. The project for a sanitary protection zone near the village of Motmos around the production sites of the OMK Vyksa plant (the Casting and Rolling Complex and the seamless pipe production facility under construction) and the planned Ecolanta electrometallurgical complex successfully passed the approval of Rospotrebnadzor for the Nizhny Novgorod Region in March 2020.
The Ecolant project started in September 2020. The first green metallurgy technology complex in Europe includes modern steel production with a capacity of up to 1.8 million tons per year. Technological capabilities of the new facility will allow to produce a wide range of steel products for pipe and wheel rolling industries. The project will comply not only with the current, but also future requirements of the European Union for environmental friendliness while improving the quality and performance of products. In addition, for the first time in the country, the technology of the most efficient gas cleaning system will be applied, which will reduce suspended solids emissions to 5 mg per cubic meter. All this will minimize the impact on the atmospheric air.