Steel Mill Construction Project

The Project is without precedent and includes advanced steelmaking technologies and solutions, including DRI (direct-reduced iron).

1.8 mtpa
Molten steel

We will manufacture two primary types of steel product: slab and round billet.


The total amount to be invested in the project is about 150 billion rubles (including VAT). The scheduled start-up date is 2025.

We will create
Over 700
new direct manufacturing jobs
We will assure a GNP growth of
of 5%
in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region


The facility uses “green” technology. The state-of-the-art solution will enable us to reduce CO2 emissions almost 2/3 as compared to conventional blast furnace steelmaking technology. It is an important step in reducing the environmental impact of steelmaking facilities.

The Project will meet the requirements of current and future Russian and EU legislation in the environmental field. The fume treatment technology to be used will reduce the amounts of solid discharges down to about 5 mg/m3. This will reduce the facility’s environmental footprint in Vyksa.

One third
CO2 emissions
about 5 mg/m3
post-treatment atmospheric emissions
The project is in line with current global and national carbon footprint reduction agendas.

Electrical Steelmaking Facility


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